Thank You

Many, many people have helped in creating this family history.

First and foremost I thank Ken Dean of Great Shelford, my second cousin, once removed, for his original research over the years and his continued assistance

Then, Art Evans of Toronto, my second cousin, who visited Ken in the mid-1990s and collected and distributed much of this information. This was my start.

And finally, Dorothy (Dean) Belliss, my aunt, who will be 100(!) this May (2011), and who, in addition to  providing written stories of the Dean family’s return to Scotland during the First World War, continues to recall very detailed information.

… and her daughter Dianne Thomas who provided original documents and continues to trample through cemeteries.

On a broader scale, my deep thanks for heroic work on the Cambridgeshire Dean Tree by over a dozen Dean relations from all over the world who willingly share their findings.  These are (in order of my discovery):

John Maris, England;

Robyn Smith, Australia;

SueBrown, New South Wales, Australia;

David Taylor, England;

Stephen Alley, England;

Paul and Leslie Gates, DerbyUK;

Eden Maher, Newcastle, Australia;

Liane  Francis, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia;

Maureen Allen, Rodborough, UK;

Roz (Elbourn) Bainbridge, Sydney, Australia;

Wallace James Kirkpatrick, NSW, Australia;

Kevin S. Thompson, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia;

Margaret Richardson, Hertfordshire, UK,;

Beverley (Matthews) Callaghan, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia;

Joan Hall-Hudson, Laurentians, Quebec;

Valerie Breen, Seattle, Washington; and

Patricia Webb, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Much of their work is based on the pioneering work of Gregory Lauder-Frost, F.S.A.,(Scot), the eminent Scottish genealogist (& parliamentarian), assisted by Gordon Boundy a relative of  David Taylor, one of my correspondents.

Gregory Lauder-Frost, is the great grandson of Sarah Ann Dean (b. ~1855), the great granddaughter of John Dean and Esther Turner.

The late Gordon Boundy, the son of William Boundy and Evelyn “Bessie” Dean (b. Oct. 15, 1910 in Great Shelford), was the 4th great grandson of John Dean and Esther Turner via their son William Dean and Sarah Cock.


5 Responses to Thank You

  1. Hi
    Have you any connection with Charles & Emily Maria Dean (nee Galley)? Do you know of anyone who does please? I am helping a descendant and would love to find a local connection for her. Thanks

  2. Hi Peter. Sorry, I thought I was replying to the board about Great Shelford and Stapleford.
    Emily Marie Galley married Charles Dean in 1852 and had the following children in the 1861 census: Eliza M 8, Agnes A 6, Emily E 5, Kate A 3 and Charles A 1. Charles sen died in 1863.
    In 1871, Emily, Catherine and Charles (jun) were living in Stapleford and Emily married again, in 1874, to George Hoppitt. Sadly, George had died by 1881 and Emily & Charles (jun) were still in Stapleford.

    We have visited the Church and found the graves of several of the family but wonder if you have already found descendants of Emily Marie & Charles in the area?

    My friend is visiting from Australia, is in England till November and would love to meet up with some relations.

    Many thanks.


    • pdeanisland says:

      Yes, Glynn. I have the family in my family tree, but only until the early 1900s. I don’t believe Charles Jr. married. Last I have of him is running coffee houses in London with his sister, Kate. He died, single at the home of another sister, Agnes Annie (Dean) Day in London in 1911. Agnes had two sons and a daughter. Regards, Peter
      P.S. I’ll contact you directly with more.

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