Deer Park

Deer Park[1] (St. Clair & Yonge), when the Dean family settled there in the early part of the last century was just starting to develop. It was not even incorporated into the city of Toronto until 1908.

 The 200 acre lot running parallel to Yonge St from St. Clair to Eglington was granted originally in 1798 to Baron Frederick de Hoen. Later he sold the southern 125 acres to Mrs Elmsley, wife of the Chief Justice John Elmsley. In 1837, she in turn sold 40 acres to Mrs Agnes Heath and her son Charles W. Heath.

Mr. Heath kept deer on the property, thus the name Deer Park.

 During the mid 1800s, the area grew with churches, hotels, small estates and, to the north where Yonge St dips, grist and saw mills.

 The turn of the new century saw an increase in housing and improvements to transportation

 In 1910, the Dean family (Peter and Emma, Travis and Agnes, Ernest, Naomi, Mabel, Frank and Lilly May) moved to 102 Baker Street.

 A couple of years later, they were building the semi-detached houses at 63 & 65 St. Clair East. They eventually moved into 65 and Peter lived there until his death in 1924.

 This 200 acre lot running parallel to St. Clair East ran from Yonge to Bayview with a quarter mile frontage on Yonge, was originally granted to Henry Allcock.

[1] A walking tour of the old Deer Park farm area By: Kinsella, Joan C. (Joan Claire) 1984 

Historical walking tour of Deer Park  By: Kinsella, Joan C. (Joan Claire) |  1996


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