Hornby Castle

My great grandfather, Peter Dean’s obituary stated he had been head gardener at Hornby Castle before coming to Toronto.

Hornby Castle, Yorkshire

Hornby Castle is in Yorkshire, a couple of hundred miles north of Stapleford where he was born in 1856, married Emma Goodwin, and raised his children. It was the seat of the Osborne family, the Dukes of Leeds.

It turns out that George Godolphin, Lord Osborne lived at Gog Magog House outside of Stapleford. In 1859, when his cousin the 7th Duke of Leeds died, he became the 8th Duke inheriting Hornby Castle.

Gog Magog House, Stapleford

It is quite probable that our great grandfather, Peter Dean’s father, Peter Dean Sr., had been working (as a gardener?) for the Osborne family at Gog Magog House and was offered the position of head gardener at Hornby Castle. Thus he moved the entire family north. 

 On his death in 1872 (at age 48), it is possible that his son Peter Jr. (our great grandfather, then aged 16) began working in the gardens at Hornby, and then later became head gardener. It is also possible that the family rotated between Hornby and Gog Magog

My grandfather, (John) Travis Dean was born in Stapleford when Peter was 24, and may have become a carpenter at Hornby Castle before immigrating to Canada in 1907.

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