Deans in Stapleford

Stapleford, about 2 km SE of the university town of Cambridge, is the next parish east from Great Shelford. It is where our Dean ancestors most recently originated.

Peter Dean Sr. was living there with his family (one daughter, Sarah, at the time) in 1841.

Also his father, Thomas, moved from Great Shelford and was living in Stapleford with his second wife, Lydia.

Peter, an agricultural labourer, later ran a pub, The Beer House (9 Bar Lane – now The Tree), with his wife Naomi. They lived at 5 Bar Lane

My great grandfather Peter Jr. and his brother Elbourn[1] were born there and both raised families in Stapleford.

When Peter Sr. died suddenly in 1872[2] at age 48, Naomi & Elbourn continued to run the pub which was  given the more upscale name, The Millwrights Arms.

Many members of the family worked on George Godolphin, Lord Osborne’s Gog Magog estate, just outside Stapleford.  Peter Sr. worked there, as did his son, Peter Jr. (who later became head gardiner), and his son, my grandfather, (John) Travis.

When Lord Obourne became the 8th Duke of Leeds in 1859, he inherited Hornby Castle in Yorkshire. Many of the Deans worked there as well and continued to work on both properties for the 9th and 10th Dukes.

My grandfather, (John) Travis met my grandmother, Agnes McKenzie Brodie, at Hornby Castle while she was the governess to the Osborne children.

[1] Ken Dean, Elbourn’s grandson, currently lives in Great Shelford.

[2] Five weeks after his father, Thomas!


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