Peter Dean Sr. (1824 – 1872)

The Tree, Stapleford formerly the Millwright's Arms"


Peter Dean’s Headstone. Buried with his father Thomas Dean & his 2nd wife Lydia George

My great, great grandfather, Peter Dean Sr. was born in Stapleford in 1824, 6th child (of eight) to Thomas Dean (1788 -1872) and Sarah Butler.

In 1848, he married Naomi Elbourn (1816 – 1891) full-age spinster, Stapleford, daughter of William Elbourn labourer[1

Peter and Naomi operated and presumably owned The Beer House (now The Tree) in Stapleford in the mid-1800s according to our family history[2]. He’s listed as an agricultural labourer and publican on 7 April 1861 in the 1861 Census.[3]
Peter Dean appeared as principal resident at 5 Bar Lane, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire, England.3 By the 1871 UK Census, the family is recorded as living in the Millwright’s Arms. Michael Farrar, a writer on the Stapleford Village website believes that this was a new, upscale name for The Beer House.  [4]

Prior to this, Peter probably worked as a gardener at Gog Magog House and at Hornby Castle for George Godolphin, Lord Osborne, the 8th Duke of Leeds, before operating the Millwright’s Arms.

Peter died Feb. 13, 1872 at age 48 in Stapleford five weeks after his father, Thomas Dean (b. 1788) died. Thomas was predeceased by his 2nd wife, Lydia George in 1869. Peter is buried in their grave in St. Andrew’s Cemetery. 

St. Andrew Cemetery, Stapleford

After his death, Naomi and their son Elbourn continued to operate The Millwright’s Arms.

[1] Marriage Record?

[2] 1996 letter from Ken Dean. The name may be a generic term, used as their residence in the 1861 Census.

[3] 1861 Census Stapleford Cams, p.9.

[4] See:


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