Agnes McKenzie Brodie (1882-1963)

Agnes ~1910

Agnes McKenzie Brodie, daughter of John Brodie and Margaret Easton Weir  was born in Bathgate 17 mi west of Edinburgh on April 2nd, 1882.

As a teenager, she started to work in the household of Lord (10th Duke of Leeds) and Lady Osbourne at Hornby Castle, where she eventually looked after their five chidren.

This, presumably, is where she met her future husband, John Travis Dean, who’s father, Peter, was the head gardener on the estate.

For some reason, she, and ultimately, Travis, decided to immigrate to Canada. She departed Glasgow Sept. 22, 1906 for Montreal on board the Corinthian II, arriving in Montreal in late September. She was listed as a domestic.

By train to Toronto?   Where did she stay initially in Toronto? Near Dovercourt?

Travis, listed as a caprenter, age 26, left Glascow the following spring (April 19, 1907) for Montreal again on board the Corinthian II.

Travis & Agnes's Wedding Photo

They were married on May 13th the following year, 1908 at St. Mary’s Church (Anglican), Dovercourt.

Next, Agnes and Travis brought over his younger brother Frank (who later become head butcher at Eaton’s). The next year, Peter Dean & Emma (Goodwin) as well as all the remaining children immigrated to Toronto.

Their first child, Travis McKenzie “Kenny” was born June 3, 1909 and died a year and a half later.

My aunt Dorothy, rapidly approaching 100 years of age, was born in 1911, followed by my father, John Brodie Dean, in 1912.

Marjory (Marj) was born 1n 1914, three weeks before sailing back to Scotland.  A son, Peter, was stillborn in Scotland. Finally, Constance (“Connie”) was born (in 1922) after the family’s return to Canada in 1919.

During the Twenties and Thirties, Travis and Agnes lived in a succession of houses he built in North Toronto.

After Travis died in 1954, Agnes lived another nine years, dying at age 81.  They are buried in Westminster Cemetery, North York.


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