Margaret Easton Weir Brodie (1860 – 1886)

Margaret Easton Weir, my great grandmother was born in 1860 in Falkirk, Stirlingshire, the eldest child and first daughter of James Weir and Jane Easton. She married John Brodie in 1880 and two years later my grandmother Agnes McKenzie Brodie was born in Linlithgow.

The Easton’s and Weir’s were coal mining families in and around Falkirk, Stirlingshire, about 12 km west of Bathgate where the Brodie’s originated.

The Weir’s

                Her father, James Weir, son of John Weir and Agnes Sim, was a coal miner all his life. Born 4 Jan 1834 in Torpichen, West Lothian, he started mining in Polmont, Stirlingshire, and then moved the family between Lasnarkshire and Stirlingshire. He died in Muiravonside,  Stirlingshire about 1896, ten years after his daughter Margaret Easton Weir.

The Easton’s

                Her mother, Jane Easton, daughter of Andrew Easton and Margaret Easton[1], was born about 1838 in Polmont, outside of Falkirk in Stirlingshire. Andrew, like the Weirs, was also a coal miner. She married James Weir 14 Jan 1861 in Polmont. It would appear that Margaret was born the year before[2]!

Margaret died at the young age of 26 after having given birth to four daughters, my grandmother Agnes McKenzie Brodie, being the second.

Her husband, John Brodie remarried his housekeeper Jessie Dunn. We don’t think they had an children together (Jessie had a son, William, by her first marriage.)

[1] Her maiden name

[2] Her birth record lists her as “illigitimate” Presumably, her father was James Weir.


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