The Brodie Family of Linlithgow, Scotland

Brodie Coat of Arms

My grandmother, Agnes Dean, was born Agnes McKenzie Brodie[1]. Many Brodies lived in and around Linlithgow, in West Lothian, some 17 miles west of Edinburgh, from the  mid-1700s on.

She was born in 1880 at Ballencrieff Mains[2], a farm on the outskirts of Bathgate some 10 km SW of Linlithgow where her father John Brodie (1855 – ) was a farm worker.

Most of Agnes’ male ancestors were labourers. Her grandfather, also John Brodie (b. 1823 in Ecclesmachan Parish), worked initially on constructing the UnionCanal[3] and eventually became a boatman. According to the 1861 Census the family lived in Woodcockdale stables[4], home as well to the horses that towed the canal boats, adjacent to the UnionCanal.

Woodcockdale Stables © RCAHMS Licensor

This John Brodie and his wife Agnes McKenzie, after whom my grandmother was named, had eight children, John Jr. being the second son.

Going back a generation, John Brodie’s parents were Archibald Brodie, born 1794 in Kirkliston, West Lothian, and Janet Murray (b. ~~1797) and married in 1818 in Linlithgow.

Archibald had an older brother, James (b. 1784)

Archibald’s baptism record (See: FamilySearch) names his parents as John Brodie (b. 1759 in Linlithgow) and Mary Reid (b. 1760) who married in Kirkliston or Ratho on 21 or 22 July 1780.

So, we have been able to trace our Brodie side of the family back to 1759 in Linlithgow.

Many branches of the Brodie clan[5] who originated in Morayshire, lived and are still living in the Linlithgow area.

Note: A big thank you to RootsChatterers:  “MonicaL”, “MagicMirror”.  and Christine Winters for enormous help in identifying Agnes’ ancestors.

For much more on the Brodies, see my Brodie Website:



[1] Clan Crest

[2] Ballencrieff Mains, which exists as a going farm today, was part of the vast estates of the Earl of Hopetoun.

[3] Built in 1821 to connect Edinburgh to Glasgow

[4] These stables with attached housing exist today


3 Responses to The Brodie Family of Linlithgow, Scotland

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Archibald Brodie (born circa 1795, son of john Brodie and Mary Reid) was I believe my ggt. grandfather several times over. I have traced him and family ( through the UK to Bristol where he died in 1865. This sounds like the same Archibald but I have him married to Margaret Graham at Kirkliston and not Janet according to a marriage entry I found on Scotlands people. Margaret is also the name which appeared on all the UK censuses. Archibald left Scotland with his brood in the early 1830s. Can we email privately:-))

    (I don’t have specific details. Am a little frustrated as I downloaded lots of entries from Scotland’s People and see now that they have all been corrupted:-(()
    cheers, Julie

  2. Mary Jane Dalrymple says:

    I am looking for information on the family of Archibald Wallace Brodie (1903-1988), whose mother was Catherine Wallace (1866 – 1949) married to Michael Brodie. Lived in Campbeltown before reportedly moving to Canada. They took in an female relative of mine around 1907, while the rest of her family was sent (through Quarriers) to Canada. Any family out there would be my third cousins!?

    • pdeanisland says:

      Sorry Mary Jane, I don’t have anything on Archibald Wallace Brodie (1903-1988)

      All of my Brodies came from the Linlithgow/Bathgate area in West Lothian.


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