Travis & Agnes Dean – Wedding 1908

This website/blog is about a family that moved almost en mass from old world (the UK) at the turn of the last century to make a new life in the new world — in Toronto, Canada.

The Deans moved from a life of working on the estates of the titled English to one of building their own lives and houses in Deer Park and North Toronto.

My grandmother, Agnes Brodie, later to marry Travis Dean, came first from Scotland in 1906. Travis came from England the following year. See the story of the family’s emigration.

Our branch of the Deans originates in Cambridgeshire, England. To see more go to: Deans in Cambridgeshire.


November 2013 – Added  Family Treasure (Chest) Appears (Miraculously!)the story of my grandfather, (John) Travis Dean’s toolbox and its mysterious voyage to Canada.

December 2012 – Added Constance (Tunwell) Dean (1715 – 1775)

April 2011 – Added the Cambridgeshire Dean Family Tree

Added: My grandmother, Agnes McKenzie Brodie’s parents, John Brodie and Margaret Easton Weir, and the Brodie Family of Linlithgow

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